commission for dokiis ! also very highly requested by you folks!

first Papa Eren and Little Man Levi comic and it’s off to a.. great start (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ ) !

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vashiane: Zeke is so cute, I love his hair!

zeke is thankful (I too am thankful!) ꒰๑•‧̮ૣ•ૣ๑꒱

Anonymous: wait, I get the the daemon=demon part because of the mask but where are your wings since alatum = wings?

Ahahaha funny story about that. this blog was originally meant to document my progress on a story i was working on, titled daemon alatum, or “winged demon” translated in Latin (or at least my best attempt with an online translator). The story was long ago scrapped, but i kept the blog title because im a nerd

1stw: Woah, F-premaur is the breakfast queen. So many breakfasts.


didney-worl-no-uta: I very rarely eat breakfast in the morning. In few cases I'll just take something small to go, like a candy bar or something. :/ I know it's not the healthiest. I'm trying to change that.

as long as you’re eating something then it’s not so bad, but yeah you shouldn’t be skipping out on breakfast I care about everybody’s health including yours ):

here’s the other messages I’m all breakfast’d out I can’t answer anymore, but I figure some of you may want to see these neat ideas because they’re all worth a try.. if you guys want to know what I like to eat for breakfast, I prefer seasoned rice with pickle plum, miso soup, and some sort of protein like ham ꉂꉂ꒰•̤▿•̤*ૢ꒱ !

to those of you that don’t eat breakfast please at least snack on something?? and those that get too nauseous in the morning to eat I hope that gets better because nausea never sounds pleasant. thank you for all your breakfast messages, have a great day, everybody!

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Anonymous: wow, my dash is being invaded by breakfast and I don't even care because they all sound like delicious recipes to save for future reference

lol yeah I’m worried now that I’ve caused a breakfast flood on everybody’s dash I didn’t expect so many messages, but I love when you guys share stuff like this with me ꒰♡ˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈꒱.⑅*♡

the-foreign-owl: I'm always rushing to get to class in the morning so its either 2 granola bars or those little cereal cups that you just add milk to.. But I learned quickly that eating cereal with milk in a car isn't so wise so now its a breakfast burrito with Tabasco hot sauce :)

My friend is actually pretty pro at simultaneously eating cereal and driving to school, so it’s possible. btw your sungmin icon is lovely

Anonymous: It varies for me. Sometimes it's just cold pizza or cereal, and sometimes I fry an egg in an onion ring, and eat in on a toasted wheat bagel with cream cheese. Usually it's the pizza though LOL

hey whoa that egg in an onion is creative don’t mind if i try that tomorrow.. =w=

playingplayerz: I like to eat captain crunch mixed with cinnamon toast crunch, waffles on the side and a pint of orange juice. ^_^ (btw I'm only 105 pounds)

what the what does your weight have to do with this

Anonymous: BREAKFAST IS EVERYTHING!! My favorites are oatmeal, fruit, and milk, biscuits and gravy, and breakfast burritos with tons of spicy salsa!!!