Anonymous: Oh my gosh I totally know what you mean about namis backstory holy crap

yeah!! okay thank you!!! (spoilers under cut)

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didney-worl-no-uta: Thank you, Anon, for your insightful criticism. Everyone thanks you for it.

yeah srsly what was i supposed to say

Anonymous: I really like the papa levi comics to

and boy am i sure grateful that you do (:

yukine-chan: gosh didn't anyone teach that other anon if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all? your comics are the best. papa levi and little dude eren make my day with their adorable shenanigans. draw them as much as you wish!

yo thanks i will! 

Anonymous: I really love that Papa Levi tho. Keep doing what you love :)

right on, homie (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)♥

Anonymous: I really hate the papa levi shit tho

wtf no one said u had to like it

earthcookies: excuse u, spike is MY boyfriend


my very obscure previews for my entries in the Free! BL Fanbook

full versions will be available in the book!

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Anonymous: Hi there! What exactly IS Kill La Kill?

Kill la Kill is an anime about wearing outfits that give you hyperpowers, some outfits getting really skimpy! that’s all i’ll spoil for you! you can watch it online and see if you like it!

Nami’s arc with Arlong is fucking destroying me

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The first two episodes of kill la kill via snapchat.

1 point to jonnby for calling it a 3 star uniform.

2 points to me thinking I was smart and making it a 2 star, when it was actually a 1 star.

jonnby’s is the best

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countsassmaster: you have the cutest art i have ever seen. How do you draw such cute bbies?

aha thank you! I have like some wonky tutorial if wanna know how I draw those babus. It says at the end of that tutorial that I get most of my ideas from my little sister and movies from Studio Ghibli, which i think are a better response to how i go about making them look “cute”

F-replies masterpost!!

I’m really glad i made you smile! you’re very welcome!

thank you!

i think adorableness is a word, I mean I’ve used it before. but the pleasure was all mine!

okay then i am not sorry!!! and Paleontologist Hanji is a fine dandy idea!!!

hey y u squirming calm down

oh no please don’t end there’s still so many puppies to play with please


you’re very welcome, and don’t forget to smile!

if i had all the time in the world i would, but i’ll just stick to whatever art i can make right now 

you’re the best (。ˇ ⊖ˇ)♡

omg that’s the cutest! I want to hear more stories like this!

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